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I would really like to have a successful online business.  By that, I mean having a business that provides enough income so that I can be employed solely in that enterprise.  How does one accomplish that? 


There are lots of resources available, and I could very likely receive hundreds of comments suggesting a particular online resource that’s guaranteed to make me very wealthy by tomorrow!


But what really stands in my way are other, more important, priorities.  I don’t want business to replace my devotions, my family, etc.  And it certainly can’t replace my job right now.  It’s not that I don’t have the resources, or the available product or talent.  It’s more of a time / priority issue.  How can I squeeze it in?


The truth is, whether or not I ever accomplish this dream is incidental to true life.  I am really more interested in accomplishing the right things each day.  So I focus daily on what matters most.   


Without working at a project, it won’t succeed.  But I have to be very selective about what I devote my time and energies to.


I would really love to make my business successful enough to support us, and truly believe it could.  I believe that even given a couple years of concentrated effort it might give us the time and money to do some of the things we’d really like to do.


But I’m not willing to sacrifice current relationships — Alma, our children, church, friends — to achieve it.


I continue to work at it a bit at a time, but concentrating first on relationships which are really much more important.

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