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To be an imitator of Christ means to be — what?  Have you ever tried to articulate that – to pinpoint exactly what you are to imitate.  We could analyze the bits and pieces of his life and maybe find one or two things that we could do to imitate him.  But — doing the same things he did may not be imitating him.  For instance, you could make a list of things he did and go about doing them out of a sense of duty rather than out of the heart.  That’s really not imitating him, is it?  Actions that flow from a man’s heart are what defines a man.

To imitate Christ is to have his heart reflected by ours.  To feel what he feels, to have our actions flow genuinely from our hearts.

Christ-following is not about identifying new programs to focus on – even if they are beneficial.  To truly follow Christ from the heart we need to cease with the programs.  We need to stop plugging people into ready-made ministries.  I’m pretty sure the church should not have even one program or ministry.



Sunday morning after church, one of the elders asked me if I would be open to a recommendation to another church looking for a minister. His father-in-law is an elder at Memorial Christian Church just off I-10 and Federal Road here in Houston, and their minister recently retired and moved away. They are looking for someone to replace him, and were also looking for someone to fill the pulpit ocassionally during their search.

I told him I would be open to looking into it.

When I checked my email Sunday evening, I had already received an email from the elder at Memorial Christian Church!

We have sent each other a couple of emails since then. I sent him the transcript from the 28 Questions that Bay Area had asked me to complete as part of their application process a couple of years ago. And he has sent me information about their church, as well.

They are a small (about 30), older (mostly senior adults) in an older part of Houston, their building surrounded by mostly Hispanic neighborhoods. They do have a Spanish church that meets there as well, and is much larger than the English speaking group.

I just want to ask each of you to be in prayer about this, in whatever way you choose. Also, ask me questions and make comments. I want to hear what each of you have to say. Even though this may not go anywhere, I would like to be in dialogue with my family about it.

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