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I want to see all people accept Jesus as the Christ, and live their lives as disciples of the true Savior.  But I am most interested in those in my own neighborhood.  I see them more often; I have a concern for them.  But I don’t know them; there is no relationship from which to work.  So… I am concerned; I pray for them often.  But they are not the flock who has been placed in my care.  

As we look at the life of Jesus, we see that he knew that he was sent to lead the people of Israel.  And, while he knew his death would redeem all mankind, his physical body limited him to a ministry focused only upon the Jews.  He worked within his limitations.


I’m constantly looking for business opportunities.  I think I must have been wired to have a business of my own.  I just wasn’t equipped with the personal finances to do it.  But I’m forever looking and thinking about what I could do.  Only a few things really strike a chord within me.


One is a company that prints customized family heritage books, and the other is a non-profit that records stories from people’s lives, saving their voices and stories for posterity.


Preservation of family history, preservation of legacy seems to ignite my business-idea passions.


Then, the reality comes in.  I have no plan, and I have no money. 


So, I pick myself up from my daydream, and go get ready for my J.O.B.


A job, coupled with a lack of finances, leads to dead-end dread.  You just do what you have to do to make it in this life.  And I have so much to do it feels like bricks on my chest.  I have to work two jobs right now, (one that is very time-intensive) take care of the family finances, spend adequate time with Alma….. and the list seems to run on to eternity.  Is this just the burden of life, Father; just a part of the curse?  Or do I create this way of life because of my lack of trust?


I think I have all the necessary tools to focus my attention on what is most important, but I lack a critical ingredient:  the discipline of laser focus.

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