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I know that I should do what I was created to do.  God supplies what we need.  You only need to look at the birds to see that he supplies the needs of all creatures. 

Unfortunately, man is the only one of his creations who asks the question, “What was I created for?  What purpose do I have?”  For some of us that just produces inertia.  I can’t move in any direction, because I can’t decide which direction to choose. 

From the beginning of our lives I believe God makes clear what our purpose is, but today a person is so flooded with choices, possibilities, opportunities that we become confused, bewildered.


I made the first move yesterday in an attempt to change my situation.  I called Blanca Flores, my former Starbucks District Manager, to see if I might possibly work for Starbucks again in some capacity. 

My direction right now, Lord willing, is to work there as a Shift Supervisor in the early mornings or late nights, leaving the day free to work the delivery service for Wayne.  With Starbucks, I could still provide health insurance, although not much more than that, I’m afraid.

I’ve also made plans to open an Ebay Pro Store to sell some unique, hand-made gifts that Alma and Toni made recently.  I also hope to sell Daddy’s woodcraft, Fanita’s jewelry, and possibly some of my scenic photography.

Just acting on these decisions has given me more hope, and a bit more enthusiasm for life.

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