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I want to see all people accept Jesus as the Christ, and live their lives as disciples of the true Savior.  But I am most interested in those in my own neighborhood.  I see them more often; I have a concern for them.  But I don’t know them; there is no relationship from which to work.  So… I am concerned; I pray for them often.  But they are not the flock who has been placed in my care.  

As we look at the life of Jesus, we see that he knew that he was sent to lead the people of Israel.  And, while he knew his death would redeem all mankind, his physical body limited him to a ministry focused only upon the Jews.  He worked within his limitations.


From the Matthew account, it seems that the order of Jesus ministry was:

  1. Select a few followers;
  2. Teach and preach in the synagogue;
  3. Heal diseases and sicknesses among the people.
  4. Begin teaching truth principles.

The result was an almost wildfire-like spread of his presence in Israel.  People began coming from everywhere for healing.  They were drawn to him because of his healing powers, and they needed healing.  Large crowds began following him.

 It was after this, that his teaching seems to come to the forefront; the Beatitudes immediately follow. 

Is this coincidence, or are there principles here that we can use?  Should we:

  1. Build a select team;
  2. Teach and preach in public venues of which we are familiar;
  3. Meet the current needs of the people?
  4. Begin teaching truth principles.

Too simplistic?  Just pondering.

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