DSC_0399Zackary received an award today at school, but it was a surprise.  Toni knew about it, but Zackary was unaware that he would receive it.

I was unable to be there, but Toni and Alma were able to go (and Hunter, of course).

Doesn’t he just look so happy about it?DSC_0407

Actually, I think he was still upset with his mom for making him wear that shirt to school today.  He was convinced he looked like a nerd, and some other boys would make fun of him.

But I’m particularly happy that he received an award for “Trustworthiness.”  Plus this was something voted on by his class. This is a picture of his third grade class at school.  His teacher is Ms. Armstrong.DSC_0408

To be voted the trustworthiness award by his class is quite an honor. Congratulations, Zackary!