Each day, the impression grows stronger that believers must prepare themselves physically and mentally for the spiritual battle that is about to come upon us.  Americans in general, but particularly I speak to American believers, are too self-indulgent and self-seeking to withstand the harsh realities of spiritual warfare.  Our enemy will use our bodies and our minds against us, just the same as he will use our spiritual beliefs against us.  Actually, he may not assault our spiritual beliefs as much as our bodies and our minds.  We may be quite assured in what we believe, but if we are not steeled for the physical and mental torture that could come upon us, our beliefs will become secondary to our physical and mental comfort.  This is my fear.

Unlike others, I don’t believe we need to prepare to battle with guns and other physical weapons of war.  We don’t fight against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual powers of darkness.  Sometimes that battle is waged spiritually, the enemy demonizing our beliefs, creating depression in ourselves or suspicion of others.  But more often, the battle is waged physically and mentally, conducted by his followers here in the world that we see.

In America, believers have not yet faced physical torture for their faith.  But that time is coming.  There is already growing intolerance for Christians among the ruling class.  Mark my words, it will continue to increase exponentially; right now, I see it more in mental attacks, but physical persecution is the next step.   

Am I strong enough to stand?