Proverbs 20:4, “A lazy man does not plow in season;
          so at harvest time he looks but finds nothing.”

Plowing is the unseen and unappreciated work of a farmer.  Through much of history – and still in many parts of the world today – it meant trudging behind an ox or horse, trying to keep it going in a straight line, walking over clods of dirt being broken up by the plow.  Today in America, it’s done by Super Tractors, but even then, it must be rather dull and mind-numbing.  Regardless of how it is done, it is certainly not glamorous.

That’s true of most of what we call “work.”  It’s not fun to watch or talk about.  It’s rather dull and mind-numbing sometimes, maybe punctuated by moments of excitement – or – maybe not.  It’s just doing what’s necessary to produce the final result.  It’s what we all have to do on our jobs:  the unseen, unappreciated, dull, mind-numbing, four-letter word, “WORK.”

It amazes me here, that the lazy man doesn’t do any work, but he still looks for a harvest!!  How foolish is that?!  Hard work is not glamorous, and seems so unrewarding, when harvest is so far away.  It may even seem to be a waste of time.  But it is that hard work of preparation that makes the frantic pace of harvest bearable, and increases the yield, and thus the profit.