We don’t really like to give ourselves time for personal introspection, because when we do we realize how much our lives are out of control.  I truly believe that feeling of being out of control is part of the human condition.  When we bent to Satan’s will, we began a long, out-of-control free-fall.  We spend our lives desperately trying to find something to grab on to, to give us just a few moments of rest, but there really is nothing.

I think the essence of trust is finding our way back to being children again.  We long for the stability and innocence of childhood, but those things are built upon the foundation of trust.  We long to trust God like we trusted our parents (those of us from “good” homes), knowing that He will never let us “go it alone.”  He will always be there.

I don’t really know what I’m talking about this morning.  I am so struggling with my own base humanity, how defenseless I am to Satan’s influence.  How easy I fall and fail!  How unrepentant I am, not wanting to give up my little vices.

I am free-falling.