We are soon to be under the leadership of one of the most aggressively liberal men in recent history.  A man who seems to believe our very constitution needs to be changed to give more power to the government.  A man who wants the U.S. to become a socialist nation, with government taking over most aspects of our lives, taking more of our money with impunity and giving it away to people who have not earned it.

What concerns me even more is that over half the “Christian” population voted for him because they want the rest of the world to see the U.S. in a more favorable light.

And the world is certainly pleased with his election, most of the world seeing an America more like them; the bullies of the world sensing an easy prey.

Though we in America have not yet experienced it, the world is a savage wilderness.  Most world leaders are more like Saddam Hussein, although they may let their henchmen do the dirty work so they do not appear savage.  They are all trying to do the same thing — hold on to their power.  Negotiation and dialogue are only an appeasement to civility.