I long to be left alone and peaceful.  I don’t want to be a warrior in the Lord’s army.  Just let me be a clerk somewhere in the supply chain.  I would rather support the warriors than to fight with them on the front lines.

But the front lines are now as close as my own heart, the enemy attacking within my own neighborhood, threatening the lives of my own family.  I cannot sit passively and watch the war on the nightly news.  I must dress myself for battle and join in the Kingdom’s defense.


In that one word lies one of the greatest deceptions of Satan, and tells of one of the greatest moral failures of modern Christ-followers.  We have been lazy and uninvolved in the battle against evil.  Complacent and occupied with our own pursuits, our swords rusting in the closet.  We lamented the approaching evil, but did nothing.

The army of the Lord was never meant for defense.  It was a conquering army, aggressively taking the whole world for the King!  Even the very gates of hell itself could not stand against it!