I live with a spiritual dichotomy, and I really don’t know how to bring these two different views into harmony.  Has God designed our life from the beginning, like we are only actors following a script?  Or am I really an agent of free-will determining my own courses of action as I move from birth to death?

It appears to be some of both, but I don’t think that can be one of the possibilities.  Or can it?  There are times when it seems God controls human behavior, hardening Pharaoh’s heart.  And other times he could intervene, but doesn’t, and so David has Uriah killed so he can marry his wife.

We ask of God the same question Job asked.  Why is this happening to me?  And the same answer comes back . . . . we are not enlightened.

But there is another question that is of even greater importance.  Is God good?  What is driving him to act the way he does?  Is it love?  Is it goodness?  Is it capriciousness?  Is it power?  Is it pettiness?