I wish I could say that the only one pursuing my heart was the one who loves me, who wants to give me blessing upon blessing — the one who created me.

But there is another.

This one I know all too well.  He is not some ugly, misshapen creature spewing lies about my true lover.  No, he is beautiful, so enticing in his desire to please me, to simply show me what is real in the world, who wants to give me blessing upon blessing, who wants to create me in his own image.

My true lover pursues me by the beauty of life as it was meant to be in the garden of His creation.  But I must trust him, accept his love on faith, without fully seeing all the joy and ecstasy that lies with his love.

The other will bring me joy and ecstasy now — no need to wait.  He is willing to accept me as I am, to explain life in terms of what really exists.  Is it not easy to see?  Is it not reality?  Is it not reasonable?