How things can change in the course of one day!

What is happening to my body?  My right leg is swollen, even after a night’s rest.  I got up this morning feeling it “jiggle” from the fluid in it.  And I’m afraid.

But my main thought is about my ability to trust you.  Can I trust you in spite of what may happen to my body?  Can I continue to see you as my beloved, or will I only look to you for what you can do for me?  Like produce healing within me?

The body can be such a distraction to love.  It draws all the attention to itself.

I need you here with me, My love.  I need your calm assurances, your compassionate touch as I go through whatever lies ahead of me.  Wrap your arms around me, bringing love’s healing to me, to my soul.

I still must face this new development, and make decisions, and for that I need your guidance and counsel.  What should I do; who should I see?  How quickly must I give it attention?  I feel fine in every other way; if not fine, at least not unusually different.  It’s just this right leg that began swelling last night.  Is it caused by the torn cartilage in my knee, or a symptom of something new?  Is it something minor, or the beginning of a serious health issue?  Please give me counsel.