I am forever trying to figure out how best to pray, and to record my prayers and my thoughts.  This is just one more attempt, but I don’t seem to be praying; it seems more like journaling.  It is reflective time, but is it truly prayer?

What I had considered prayer for the last several years was just a series of points, requests mostly, one following another.  Was that better than this?

I long for the ability to walk and talk with God throughout the day, to be so cognizant of his presence that it is like walking and talking with Alma.  That, to me, would be prayer, a natural flow of conversation one to another.

There should also be reflection time, of course.  Time to sit down like this and reflect upon life and circumstances.  I believe that is when He speaks to me most often, and when periods of growth happen.

Intercession is also important, but should probably be done at the time of the request, or thought, and to speak that request to God, then.

From time to time, I’ve tried to “practice the presence of God,” as Brother Lawrence would say, but it is certainly not so easy to practice as to desire.  And, really, how friendly do you want to be with the Holy God through the walk of your day?