We’re taking the leap, and some calculated risk, to pursue some business ideas that I feel match my SHAPE. 

But, I’m scared.  I’m certainly not used to taking these kinds of risks, and the future is a big unknown.   I’m placing my trust in the Father to supply our needs.  I’m not going to be stupid or lazy, but I have asked that he bless our efforts and plans to supply our needs.  To give us guidance as we make decisions about where to invest our time and money. I truly believe that God is the source of our dreams and plans.  Now, we need his guidance to put them into practice with diligence and wisdom.  

My plan is to work part-time at Starbucks, although I haven’t yet heard from Blanca. If that doesn’t work out, I feel sure I could work part-time somewhere.  But companies that supplement medical insurance for part-time employees are few.  And that’s what I need; the only reason to really have an hourly job. 

The remainder of my time will be spent pursuing business for Wayne’s delivery service.