Things Remembered has completely consumed my resources.  There is a constant river of urgent projects, all demanding completion NOW!!!  Each manager (Regional Manager, Training Manager, Loss Prevention Manager, Merchandising Manager) has their personal agenda of what projects must be completed and what the deadline should be.  Not to mention the customers, who would like for you to take some time to sell to them, and then complete their small engraving project.  Sorry — no time for customers!


Yesterday is a case in point.  I have assignments, with deadlines, from Merchandising and my Regional to complete.  Loss Prevention has just compiled a list of about twenty more projects — with deadlines.  The store is open 11 hours, and I have 12 hours of payroll for today.  That extra hour is for opening and closing.  I work alone from 9:30AM until 5:30PM, at which time my Assistant Manager comes in and works alone until 9:30PM.  My eight hour shift was spent completely on selling product and engraving that product for the customer.  All these other deadlines loom, but there is no time to spend on them.


The company sets a finite number of weekly payroll hours for the store; that number is 99.  The store is open 84 hours, leaving 15 extra hours, which are used to cover the store’s peak selling times, when one person simply could not handle the customer traffic. Extra assigned projects are simply not taken into consideration.  

Assumption #1 is that there is enough down time to accomplish all these tasks.  Assumption #2 is that, if there is not enough time, the salaried Store Manager will work on his own time to accomplish the tasks.