I know you’ve done it, too. 

When something is so incredibly important to you (at least at the present moment), you are willing to offer whatever you have in exhange for God’s favor.  Usually, it’s a promise to be good, to not commit that sin that you cherish (the one only you and He know about), or to go to church everytime the door opens from now until the day you die.

Yes, as I approach this time of decision by the church about this job that I want so badly, I want to give in to the temptation to try bargaining with the Almighty.  But what in the world do I have to bargain with?!  My goodness is really meaningless; I simply am not a good man.  The righteousness of the most righteous among us is as filthy rags, a beggars torn and dirty clothes.  Does He want that?  No.  What about a promise to give up my most cherished sin?  Well, as Mouse would say (in Ladyhawke), “Lord, I know I promised not to pick pockets anymore (as he picks a man’s pockets), but you know what a weak-willed person I am.”  It would only be a matter of time before I succomb to the temptation again, and break my promise.  No bargaining power there.  Sigh!

Really, I have no bargaining power.  Everything I am and everything I have belongs to my Lord.  I am, and I have, nothing to offer.

That does not mean that I will not continue to ask Him for this job.  I am before Him constantly. 

What I do want is simply to trust Him.  Whether or not this job comes through for me, I want to believe that He has made the right choice.  It will be hard; my nature is not very trusting.  But that is what I pray for.