DSC_0399Zackary received an award today at school, but it was a surprise.  Toni knew about it, but Zackary was unaware that he would receive it.

I was unable to be there, but Toni and Alma were able to go (and Hunter, of course).

Doesn’t he just look so happy about it?DSC_0407

Actually, I think he was still upset with his mom for making him wear that shirt to school today.  He was convinced he looked like a nerd, and some other boys would make fun of him.

But I’m particularly happy that he received an award for “Trustworthiness.”  Plus this was something voted on by his class. This is a picture of his third grade class at school.  His teacher is Ms. Armstrong.DSC_0408

To be voted the trustworthiness award by his class is quite an honor. Congratulations, Zackary!


Each day, the impression grows stronger that believers must prepare themselves physically and mentally for the spiritual battle that is about to come upon us.  Americans in general, but particularly I speak to American believers, are too self-indulgent and self-seeking to withstand the harsh realities of spiritual warfare.  Our enemy will use our bodies and our minds against us, just the same as he will use our spiritual beliefs against us.  Actually, he may not assault our spiritual beliefs as much as our bodies and our minds.  We may be quite assured in what we believe, but if we are not steeled for the physical and mental torture that could come upon us, our beliefs will become secondary to our physical and mental comfort.  This is my fear.

Unlike others, I don’t believe we need to prepare to battle with guns and other physical weapons of war.  We don’t fight against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual powers of darkness.  Sometimes that battle is waged spiritually, the enemy demonizing our beliefs, creating depression in ourselves or suspicion of others.  But more often, the battle is waged physically and mentally, conducted by his followers here in the world that we see.

In America, believers have not yet faced physical torture for their faith.  But that time is coming.  There is already growing intolerance for Christians among the ruling class.  Mark my words, it will continue to increase exponentially; right now, I see it more in mental attacks, but physical persecution is the next step.   

Am I strong enough to stand? 

It is a beautiful day.  The sky is clear, the air cool.  There is a slight breeze that almost makes it sweater weather – but not quite.

And I am thankful!

Tomorrow may be a stressful day, as we participate with the church in feeding 500 people who are less fortunate than we are.  (I don’t think it should be too hard to find those people, given the economic conditions).  I was appointed a leader of those who are to serve the meal, actually dip the food onto plates, as well as make sure things are kept clean, and people are helped along.  It’s stressful because I don’t really know a lot of them very well.  But, after tomorrow, we should know each other quite a bit better, I should think!

And I am thankful!

Financially, this was a good year.  We didn’t get rich, by any account, but we really have more than enough.  Business was good, even with the loss of the pool company as one of our customers. 

And I am thankful!

We were blessed with the birth of Lilly, David’s daughter.  Such a beautiful little girl!  We were worried about our visit with David this year; our relationship has not been good the last few years.  But we had an excellent visit; I had such a good time getting to know Stephanie, Katy, Emily, and, of course, Lilly.  But I really enjoyed being with David, and seeing him interact with Stephanie and his girls.  He is a good man.

And I am thankful!

We were also blessed with the birth of Cade, Elizabeth’s son.  What a joy!  We were able to fly out to Colorado and visit with Elizabeth, Bernard and Cade, and that was such a good visit.  Elizabeth is a good mommy.

And I am thankful!

And there is so much more!

And I am thankful!

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